Find Freedom from Sexual Brokenness

Over 5 months, you'll identify the reasons & triggers behind your unwanted sexual behavior or porn addiction and discover your own unique path to lasting freedom.

$24.99 per month for 5 months

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You'll learn why the key to freedom comes from when you listen to your sexual brokenness.

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You Deserve Lasting Freedom

The standard response to brokenness is lust management and accountability programs. Sadly, those methods don't provide the lasting freedom men and women desire. 

This course is different. It identifies the unaddressed and unresolved stories of your life, pinpointing past harm and highlighting the current roadblocks keeping you from freedom. Your sexual brokenness reveals your unique path to healing. 

This approach integrates knowledge of spirituality, culture and the neuroscience of trauma, abuse, and addiction to create lasting freedom from unwanted sexual behavior. Because of this blend, it works

You can outgrow unwanted behaviors and this course will show you how.

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$24.99 per month for 5 months


How the Course Works:

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    • Download the Participant Guide
    • Watch The Heart of Man film
    • Take the Self Assessment
    • Order the Unwanted book
    • Join the private Facebook Group (optional)
    • Find an Ally
  • Engage:

    • Watch 1 video lesson each week
    • Complete weekly reading assignments (from scripture, Unwanted, & articles)
    • Journal answers to weekly questions
    • Connect with your Ally (15 mins each week)
  • Reflect:

    • Review & re-watch video lessons often
    • Return to key chapters of Unwanted
    • Review your Self Assessment
    • Continue to connect with your Ally
    • Share your experience with the private Facebook Group

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$24.99 per month
for 5 months

Here's What You Get:

  • 18 Teaching Videos
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  • Sexual Behavior Self Assessment
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  • Private Facebook Group
  • The Heart of Man Film
  • 4 Porn Triggers Ebook

Meet Your Guide

Therapist, Minister, Researcher

Jay Stringer (M.Div, MA, LMHC) is a licensed mental health counselor and ordained minister. His clinical expertise and award-winning book Unwanted provides this course with original, groundbreaking research into unwanted sexual behavior and the path to healing. Learn More

"The Journey Course is shaped from a Christian perspective. If you don't happen to share that view, that's not a dealbreaker. However, I want to be upfront as to how the Christian Gospel shapes this course." 
-Jay Stringer


Based on research on nearly 4,000 men and women seeking freedom from unwanted sexual behavior, Unwanted: How Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way to Healing explores the “why” behind behind self-destructive sexual choices to work towards freedom.

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“Jay Stringer invites you to know your story and dare to believe that you will be loved more, not less by what it reveals.”

Dr. Bruce McNicol
Trueface, President Co-Author, The Cure

“Jay Stringer engages the 'why' beneath our sexual shame with groundbreaking research and the wisdom of a counselor.”

Josh McDowell
Author and Speaker

“Through groundbreaking research and a heart for the Gospel, Stringer invites us to the critical task of finding hope and meaning within our sexual lives.”

Christopher West
Author, Fill These Hearts: God, Sex, & the Universal Longing

“Jay Stringer provides not just a set of tools, but offers a story and vision for those who find themselves in dark places.”

William Struthers Ph.D.
Author, Wired for Intimacy

“The most impactful treatise I’ve ever read on how to understand that our pain and brokenness is actually a pathway to full healing and restoration.”

Jason Pamer
Writer and Producer on The Heart of Man

“If you’re hungry for deep healing, Unwanted will be an incredibly sharp tool in your tool belt!”

Shannon Ethridge, M.A.
Author, Every Woman’s Battle

“Unwanted is, without rival, the best book on broken sexuality I have ever read.”

Dan B. Allender Ph.D.
Author, Healing the Wounded Heart

“Unwanted is going to lead you to an understanding of your life that can guide you to freedom.”

James Anderson
President, CEO New Canaan Society

“This book is a weapon for freedom and flourishing in a world bombarded with sexual pain and brokenness.”

Danielle Strickland
Author, The Ultimate Exodus